It's a Beautiful Place

Beauty is everywhere if one has the eyes to see

Dusky Moorhens

Dusky Moorhens are lovely sweet birds with a range of calls.    At one stage I thought a motor was running nearby, but realised that it was the bird making that low rumbling sound.  Their calls can be super loud too.  To me it has become a sound quintessential to the river.  I love them.

They have come to the Cooks River after the work was done to create Cup and Saucer Creek Wetland.  I don’t remember them on the river before this.

They like food too and are very sociable with other birds. Dusky Moorhens can run fast too.  Their feathers are gorgeous.    I thought they deserved their fifteen minutes.

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Pot plants, pigeons and a pig

I nearly fell off my bike when I saw this pig sitting on a fence in Marrickville.  It may be plastic, but it looks quite realistic.  Very good fun.  I hope it stays for a while.

The pigeons fly every day, racing around a aerial circuit that is a tall Grevillea robusta. Then they retire to a roof to rest for a while until someone takes off and the race is on again.

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Lorikeets and flowers

Some flowers & a flock of Lorikeets.  The Lorikeets were amazing.  When a plane flew over they took off. I estimate there was around one hundred of them.

The Begonia flowers were fallen on the ground in a car park.  Soemthing about their colour and frailty attracted me.

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Noisy Miners mobbing a Raven

I saw Noisy Miners chasing a Raven today and was thrilled to get two clear photos of the chase.  Birds in flight is something I find difficult to photograph.

I’ve learnt that there are people who don’t like Noisy Miners, but I do.  I love their brazen nature and how they protect their patch. I love that they steal sugar sachets from cafes having, like us, aquired a taste for white sugar.  I love how they look after their chicks, how fast they fly and even how noisy they are.

As for Ravens, they are one of my favourite birds.  They are quiet and well-mannered and seem to be chased away from almost everywhere they want to settle.  I don’t think it would be easy being a big black bird.  People have superstitions about them and packs of Noisy Miners mob them.

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